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It seems we are always lucky enough to get the best guests! Here are just a few of the many comments from Wildwood guests. Also check out www.tripadvisor.com for additional reviews.

"Thanks so much for the magical memories of Wildwood! The delicious food, rich history, flashlight 3rd floor tour, and tranquil sleeping made our stay in this historic mansion on the hill a lasting memory for us. We will return."

Gerald and Debbie, Dallas, Tx

"The beauty and charm of this old house is matched-no, exceeded, by the two lovely hostesses. Their warmth and attention to detail leaves one with a rich patina, characterized by an unmistakable Tinkerbelle smile! I could go on, yet some things simply need to be experienced!"

Rand and Marsha

"The trip that almost didn't happen...I'm so glad you won over my husband! I believe he now thinks it is macho to stay in a B&B. We will spread the word about this fairytale place."

Steve and Marta, Norman, Ok

"We knew from the time we stopped by to see if we could stay at your B&B that we were in for a treat. We love your home, and you are such a special addition to the stay! We really enjoyed the cookies and the great breakfasts!"

Vince and Connie, St. Charles, Mo

"It is going to be difficult to return home where no one is waiting to pamper me like you have...A sincere thank you for the royal treatment-I have felt like a "Queen for a day” Make that a queen for 3 days!"

Amber, Bedford, Tx

"Thank you for the memorable experience you gave us for our 10th anniversary. Your cooking and presentation are fantastic! It's the little" details" that set you apart from the rest."

Scott and Ida, Elwood, In

"Our 'spur of the moment' trip to Hot Springs brought us to your door. From the moment we stepped in, we were at home. Your Mom (Tinkerbelle) is such a delight! Her enthusiasm is quite contagious! Thank you for a wonderful stay. To wake up in a 'bed of roses' was heavenly!"

Peggy, Tulsa, Ok

"The door to our porch has been open and the cool spring air fills the room. New leaves in the sweet gum trees, irises in the yard blooming, azaleas still blooming across the street. And I have a love affair with Victorian architecture and Victorian furniture. Like it all. Thanks for the elegant breakfasts."

Arnold and Mary, Greenwood, Ms

"Our 5th anniversary. Our first trip to Hot Springs will not be our last, thanks largely to your hospitality and cooking! We enjoyed every bit of it. Loved the history, thanks so much for taking care of this precious past. Was reading my Bible this morning and came upon a verse in Psalm 16:5 that brought to mind Sarah Ellsworth's quote under her stained glass window. It reads 'Oh, Lord, you are the portion of my inheritance and my cup.' Wonderful to know this lovely home was built on a foundation stronger than stone! What a godly woman she must have been. Even more wonderful is the fact that the peace of God still reigns here through your family! His presence is truly felt here. We hope to return...In His Grace"

Daniel and Karen, Flower Mound, Tx

"This has been a very restful and relaxing stay. The house is a beautiful expression of hospitality and your family fits in perfect. This was our 28th anniversary and we enjoyed every minute. Please continue to allow the relaxed mood and atmosphere to be the thesis sentence of working such calm and peace into this home. Hospitality is an action not made of material things. May God bless you and your family with peace and grace sufficient for every day."

Carl and Sherry, Muldrow, Ok

"Thank you for making our honeymoon better than we imagined. We will be back! Guests: Do NOT miss breakfast! It will be one of the best parts of your stay here!"

Aaron and Kristi

"What can I say? This is my third time back here. Thanks for the warm welcome. I love it as much as the first two times!"

Erin, Dallas, Tx

“Thank you for your hospitality! This is our second visit at the Wildwood. We have been and lived in the US for one year now and this is the first place we have found where you really feel history through the wallpapers. The memories of Wildwood will be one of the finest we take back home to Finland."

Martin and Leesa, Memphis-Finland

"Thanks for everything! Your joy is evident. It was a nice time to recoup from our 'day-to-day’. May God grant you peace and grace, to touch many lives throughout your journey here at Wildwood B&B. See you soon, here or there..."

James and Christan, Little Rock, Ar

“The memories of our wedding and honeymoon will last forever, Thank you for the unique touches you added. What a beautiful beginning of our life together. May God Bless You Richly..."

Bruce and Dana

"Thank you so much for providing us with an experience that will last a lifetime. This was our first B&B...I think we found the BEST one on our first try! Your hospitality, helpfulness, attention to detail, and the fabulous food will most definitely tempt us back here in the near future!"

Jeff and Jamie, Searcy, Ar