1884 Wildwood Bed and Breakfast Inn
808 Park Avenue
Hot Springs, Arkansas, 71901, United States
(501) 624-4267

About The Owners

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Wildwood is currently owned by “The Colonel” and “Tinkerbelle” Walker. Robert Wayne Walker is retired military, having first served a year in the Navy, then returning to the service to make a career out of the Air Force. Jeanie Walker was nick-named "Tinkerbelle” as a child because of her small stature and it was shortened to “Tinker” then “Tink” as she grew up. Tink developed an appreciation for the Victorian period while living in Europe and bought Wildwood because of the house’s unique beauty. In Tink’s honor you will find a fairy theme throughout Wildwood.

Wildwood is elegant, yet very comfortable and relaxing. We offer a history tour of the home that includes quite a bit not given on this page, including a viewing of the servants’ quarters, complimentary to our overnight guests. The Walkers invite you to come enjoy the history and beauty of their home!