1884 Wildwood Bed and Breakfast Inn
808 Park Avenue
Hot Springs, Arkansas, 71901, United States
(501) 624-4267

Wildwood Mansion Rooms

We offer five bedrooms located in the main house.

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The Rose Room

The Rose Room is furnished with a truly lovely 3-piece antique French Bombay bedroom set. This spacious room features an electric fireplace and a flat panel TV with cable and DVD player.

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Barrett-Browning Barrett-Browning wedding romance-barrett romance-barrett barrett-browning barrett-browning

The Barrett Browning Room

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... The Barrett-Browning Room is located in the round tower in the back of the home.

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Kipling Kipling Kipling Wildwood 1884 178 romance-kipling romance-kipling romance-kipling

The Rudyard Kipling Room

The Kipling Room is often requested by honeymooners as it is separated from our other rooms. It is tastefully decorated in lush animal prints.

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King David King David King David romance-king d romance-king d

The King David Room

The King David Room is regal with the high-backed, half-canopy queen-sized bed which is part of a 3 piece English antique set. This large bedroom has plenty of room to relax.

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Blue Parlor Blue Parlor Blue Parlor romance-blue p

The Blue Parlor Room

The Blue Parlor Room was originally an upstairs parlor. It is furnished in an intricately carved 3 piece antique French bedroom set.

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Wildwood Cottage Suites

Wildwood Cottages were originally built as quarters for the upper servants of the main house, now 1884 Wildwood Bed and Breakfast Inn. The Cottage Suites offer a unique opportunity for romantic privacy and luxury. Each suite has a living area, kitchenette, king bed, two person whirlpool tubs with separate showers, and outside porch/patio areas.

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The Safari Suite

Our Kipling Room in the main house was so popular we decided to do a whole suite decorated in th e same theme. Extremely spacious, you have 600 sq. ft. to relax in. Talk about a home away from home!

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morosuitefrmweb_03 morosuitefrmweb_04 morosuitefrmweb_05 morosuitefrmweb_07 morosuitefrmweb_12 Moroccan

The Moroccan Suite

Enjoy a romantic stay with a Moroccan theme. Silk saris on the wall and stained glass lanterns.

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